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014 // Big Saturday on the Surf Coast

Words and photos by our Founder / Chief of Passion @camgreenwood

Surfer @elliotgray__

It was the biggest day in years. We woke up, smashed some breaky, grabbed our boards & wetties and headed down the coast. Rocking up at Bells, you could feel the anticipation in the air. The cliffs lined with crowds of people who knew their limitations.

Elliot took one look at the ocean and went straight back to the car.

“If you look at the ocean… you get scared. If you don't look at the ocean… you just paddle out and just worry about that later.”

I had never heard wiser words in my life (debatable). Thats the Elliot we all love here at Monsta!

Watching Elliot paddle out was pretty sketchy! With bombs on the horizon, I watched helplessly as it looked like he was going to get taken out by some 10 footers rolling in.

But if there is something I have learnt in my time knowing Elliot, it’s the ol' saying “Elliot wins”… And he sure did as he just scrambled over the set.

For the next few hours I watched Elliot try his luck on the bombs. Scoring himself some solid waves!

It was then time to hit the road in search for some barrels.

We came across a stretch of sand that was so so dreamy...

There’s nothing like being out in the wild ocean with freezing winter winds and icy water temperatures. You feel so alive.

I’d trade warm water and board shorts for thick wetties with hoods, gloves & booties any day. It’s a real effort to get waves or the shot. You're battling the elements and your body is working so hard to keep warm. You really have to give yourself to the mission and let your passions take over. And I believe that’s what adventure is all about.

After a few hours of waves, laughs & hold downs, we headed back home for our evening commitments.

A micro adventure that we will remember for some time. All it took was rising early, getting organised and getting in the car. A little effort for a soul fuelling day of adventure!

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