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015 // Slabs, Hikes & Waterfalls

All in one action packed weekend.

Words and photos by our Chief of Passion @camgreenwood

Surfers @jedadiehard & @elliotgray__ 

It was mid week at our home in Ocean Grove. Elliot had his eyes on the swell charts and saw that there were waves coming for the home town of ambassador Jed Garkut on the South Coast of NSW. We got in the car Friday and drove 10 hours up the coast to meet Jed and his family. 

Saturday morning greeted us with some fun waves! 

Jed, always frothing! 

High fives...

Underneath is always a mystery...

Our good pal Nat from the Central Coast, always a good laugh! 

Not all barrells...


The elements collide... 

Elliot getting the shot.

Classic Elliot... 

Always smiling! 

More waves...

Novelty waves are our favourite! 

The dolphins came out to play! 


In the afternoon, the sun was out and Elliot and I stumbled upon a nice beach break with super clear water and some fun waves... We don't feel much sun in the winter months in Victoria, so I thought it would be best if I hid underwater for this session to protect myself from the sun... 

Elliot dodging the clouds beneath the surface... 


More bubbles...

Elliot's fins - too close for comfort! 

I love watching waves underwater! 


Explosions from the deep. 

Diving deep.

After a day of waves, it was time to go inland to tackle the Castle. 

We had a hearty dinner (Thanks Beth!) and got ready to start the hike after dark. 

We reached our home the night at midnight - in a cave about 30 minutes from the summit.

We shared stories around the fire before falling asleep to the cracks and pops of the fire.

Dawn came and we hustled to get to the summit before the sunrise. 

The last part was a bit of a scramble as we could see the first light colours on the clouds showing that it was going to be a sunrise to remember!

I sat down when I reached the top to catch my breath only to find the beauty of the light taking it away again! 

Elliot, stoked on the adventure!

After 5 or so minutes I turned around to the other side of the summit to see the reflection of the light ever so orange and pink... It was incredible!

Jed was frothing, as always!

The sun piercing through...

We made a little fire to keep as warm as we took in the views... 

Elliot, living passionately!

I then had to get up to Sydney for the week. I came across this piece of paradise along the way and I was blown away! One of the most incredible waterfalls I had ever seen. 

I find that some of my best moments of clarity, thoughts and ideas often come from moments of solitude. Sitting here with not a soul in sight. Just me and the wilderness. Feeling like a child setting his eyes upon a waterfall for the first time. Out of that child-like awe and wonder produces some child-like, big, audacious dreams. So grateful that we have the opportunity to begin chasing them!

And I couldn't think of a better tribe to be surrounded by. You reading this, sharing it with your friends, repping our clothes & representing the tribe in your own world, are the reason that this #monstasurftribe is growing & thriving throughout 40 countries world wide. We can't wait to see where this adventure takes us all!


An action packed weekend full of many micro adventures and definitely one to remember! 

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