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August 16, 2017


The good ol' last minute phone call...

Photos by @ellgrayphoto@steviefrothsphoto_ & @brettallenphoto

@elliotgray__ got the call on Thursday night from ambassador @jedadiehard telling him that there was going to be a massive south swell hitting the NSW south coast! The thought of not going didn't enter Elliot's mind, even though he and @camgreenwood were there just a few weeks ago. So he called good mate and photographer @steviefrothsphoto_ and they hit the road! Hoping and praying that this swell would deliver... 

It took 10 hours of laughs, chats and concentration but they finally made it to Jed's place at around 1am Saturday morning, setting their alarms for 6am. Then the real struggle hit, but the froth for waves got the boys going. They rose early, hit the road and found some local classics absolutely firing!

Jed was showing us all what he does best and found some absolute gems!

We found some epic beachies along the coast. 

Elliot, frothing as usual. 

Because there were tubes galore.

Jed's good friend @domlahiff was getting his stoke on finding some gold amongst the evening light.

Back at it early on Sunday... 

And it was still firing!

Jed was charging sooo hard and scored himself this beast. 

Then they jumped in the car and made their way back to Victoria, as work was calling for the week! Such good times as this can be found in the smallest amounts of time you might have, so get out there and make the most of it. Go hike, go surf, get to the snow, get amongst creation and live passionately, it's what makes us human!

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