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Words and Photos by @chrisjhogg & @garrettludik 


 Hey there my name is Chris. In early October me and my good friend Garrett embarked on a roady up the south coast to escape Victoria's chilly weather, look for new surf, explore the coast and capture all the special moments and beautiful places.  

Car packed and ready to hit the road.


After a days packing the car and making sure it was running smoothly we hit road and drove towards Cape Conran Coastal Park about 400km from Melbourne. 



After a long drive we arrived there late at night, so we rolled our our swags out and went straight to bed to get some rest for a early surf.



The next morning, up early, we made our way down to the beach to check the surf. To our surprise there were a few fun clean waves so we got suited up and paddled out to get a few.



After the surf we made our way north across the border up to the Ben Boyd National Park. Finding a nice spot to camp we set up everything, had a coffee then went to check the beach out and have a little venture around.



There were a few waves lining up on the beach and we were pretty keen to surf so we suited up and walked down. Standing on the beach watching some these solid waves come through, looking like a washing machine, we were both pretty spooked but the thought of getting a good one forced us to go out. We copped a few sets on the head paddling out but still managed to get a couple of fun waves. Coming out of the surf we were both wrecked but stoked that we paddled out and didn't die. Later that night we got a fire started, had a good yarn then hit the hay.




The weather over the next few days was perfect, so we made our way slowly north  but then one afternoon we coped this huge thunderstorm and got stuck in the midst of it. We tried staying dry under the awning but the wind would blow all the rain straight under soaking us through. That night was a cold and wet one but the clouds started to part the next day and the sun started shining again. 



The storm must have pushed in some waves because we scored a days worth of great surf. The weather was hot and the water was so much warmer than home It felt like the middle of summer. That afternoon we were gifted with an amazing sunset, this was what we had come for no commitments, no plans and just enjoying simple things in our day.



"The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life; Its so easy to make it complex." Yvon Chouinard



In the middle of our trip i was lucky enough to have my birthday. We woke up nice and early had breakfast, made our coffees and hit the road in search of some B'day wave's.



We looked around Ulladulla and found this little beach break with no one insight for miles so we suited up and paddled out. I scored a couple of sick waves and to top it off the sun shined all day, definitely the best birthday i could ask for!



After a few days of surfing, hanging out and venturing around we had to start driving back south. Just as we were leaving  Ulladulla Garrett spotted a few humpbacks jumping very close to shore so we pulled over and found a spot to watch them pass. Between April and November thousands of humpback whales migrate along the coast of Sydney. It was amazing to see them in person and get a understanding of how big these creatures actually are. 


We had cruised all the way back down to border and spent a day exploring the Ben Boyd National Park. Before leaving our camp in morning I was tossing up whether to bring my board or not because the surf report was looking pretty average. I ended up leaving it behind and then to our surprise we found some epic waves on this empty beach. I learnt my lesson guys always bring your board you never know what you will find.


After a long hot day we decided on driving back down to Cape Conran for a night then spending the rest of our time at the Wilsons Prom.



We made it to the cape late afternoon then made it down the beach just in time for sunset.



We had already seen many sunsets but this one was the best of the trip by far. The sun was casting golden rays on the headlands and with a chilly wind gusting past us we definitely knew we were back in Victoria.



The next day we drove to The Wilsons Prom, one of me and Garrets favourite places to camp. Driving through the Prom is spectacular, the surrounding tall mountains leading into lush valleys really takes you into another world.




After a few more days we had finally come to the end of our road trip after checking countless spots, spending our days in the sun, surfing new waves and doing it all with one of ma best mates. It was a memory to last. 


I encourage you this summer to get outside and explore somewhere new. Fill your life with adventure not things, have stories to tell not things to show. #livepassionately