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The easiest breakfast you will ever have, need and want.

Hey Monsta Tribe!

Well this is my first blog post, so I thought I would write about my second favourite thing (after surfing)… food! I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Medicine, and realise how much of an impact is has on our body and mind.

If you are not familiar with me yet, I’m a definite foodie. So that involves eating as little amount of processed foods as possible. I’m not perfect, so there are definite times when I don’t always stick to it…but that doesn’t mean I go and eat Maccas, it means I might have a snickers…or 2… and enjoy it very much so.

So I thought that our Monsta family could get on board with trying some new things for breakfast instead of the usually toast, vegemite or cereal. Don’t be fooled by the media, they seriously are full of artificial foods don’t keep you satisfied for long. Breakfast is my favourite part of the day. I like to eat later than most, so I’m hungry and enjoy every little bite. I love a quick breaky so that I can get back to surfing or run to work, it’s pretty easy and I like to call it a Papaya Boat. 

It’s a red, papaya, not a yellow. And there is a massive difference in taste. So get one from your local farmers markets and give it a try. 

It involves: 

  • ripe RED papaya (AKA pawpaw, but be not mistaken, the yellow one is different and not as good!)
  • Lime slices
  • Nuts, seeds or granola - if your deathly allergic to nuts…like Cam is, then just stick to the seeds
  • Tahini and coconut

Cut it long ways in half, scraping the seeds out and fill the hole thing with goodies that you can find in the cupboard. If you want to keep it simple and quick, squeeze the lime all over the papaya and pour in some of my home made granola, if that’s not your thing, mix some seeds and nuts (not nuts for Cam of course) together if you like. Squeeze more lime, drizzle tahini (there is black and white tahini on this one just because I could) and your about ready. 

If you love tahini and coconut like me, drizzle and sprinkle that over the top. Spoon away, a ripe papaya is easy to scoop out with your spoon.

If you not keen on the fillings, make up your own, get adventurous, the simplest one that I enjoy is just lime and papaya. But branch out and that’s how I came across the great tahini, coconut and lime. Having a single fruit for breakfast is great for your digestion. Your stomach will thank you! Let me know what fillings you come up with!

I understand all you surfers hardly stray from your usual local bakery, but be aware what you put into you body will what you get out in energy, attitude, strength, body and mind. You want to be a better surfer? Well treat your self like a queen/king and give yourself only the best.

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