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What Makes a Brand Worth Talking About

The most important brands in this world make you feel something.
They do this because they are passionate about something they want to change.
And you want to be a part of that change.
They have fans.
They have the future.
They can charge a premium.
They are respected.
You love them.
And they are proud of you.
They tell you how you can live your life.
The Founders bare their soul to you.
They have a reason to exist.
Much more than just to make a profit.
A real mission and a real vision.
They have a purpose.
Yes, they make great products…
But the reason why you love them is the change they are making.
Purpose driven brands change what they are passionate about.
And they are changing this world in the process.

"Monsta exists to encourage passionate living. We desire to have a positive impact on the future by inspiring people through what we say and the way we live." ~ Cam Greenwood, Founder / Chief of Passion.

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