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An Open Letter To You, Our Monsta Tribe


With Christmas upon us and 2017 coming to an end, it’s time to look back on an unforgettable year. Together we have climbed new mountains and reached new heights. I’m so proud of everyone who makes up this tribe. Whether you’re a fan, a loyal customer, one of our interns, ambassadors or hard working team members, I’m so proud of who you all are and what you individually bring to make Monsta and our ‘Live Passionately’ movement a force for good in this world.

It’s been a year of great times spent together. From our ‘Live Passionately Film’ premiere parties, to speaking with thousands of you across Australia in schools, to our pop up store in Melbourne, to the adventures far and wide, these are all memories I’ll cherish forever.
But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. It’s been a year of significant challenges. But I believe we have made significant progress. We’ve made important decisions which will become clearer in future. Each of these moves have been all about focusing on what’s important and opening new opportunities to extend our influence and to ensure our impact will be felt far into the future.

Our Monsta Foundation has been utilised to support Education in the Philippines and we have been so humbled by the love and support of this tribe who have got behind our ‘Packs of Passion’ project, supporting families in our local communities this Christmas. We have connected in with people from around the globe and are taking 14 young, passionate leaders on an ‘Awareness Adventure’ to Kenya next month in collaboration with Go Beyond All Borders.

I can’t express my love and gratitude for our team enough. No one will ever know how hard these amazing hearts work to make this dream a reality. Every time we’re told about how much people love and appreciate the depth of care and effort behind what we do, I’m encouraged because I know it’s the heart of the brand coming through in a real and authentic way. Knowing you’ve done something for someone else is the most rewarding feeling - one that I hope you feel during this time of love and generosity, maybe even through supporting our Packs of Passion project.

Looking to next year, we’re really going to need your support and most importantly, your love. We’re better together as a tribe. Wherever we are across the globe, we’re all connected through a spirit of adventure and a burning desire to live passionately in all we do.
I could not be more excited for the future and the opportunity we will all have to keep this movement growing.

Enjoy this time with loved ones. I encourage you all to make a real effort to go outside of your comfort zone to make someone know they are loved this Christmas.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and laughter.