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Five Years On...

A letter from our Founder & Chief of Passion, @camgreenwood, reflecting on 5 years since we launched.
I sometimes dream about being an early explorer, a bold pioneer, embarking on uncharted waters and discovering new places of wild, untouched beauty. It really connects with my soul. It feels like the real me.
And while we have already discovered most of the planet, I am so aware that there is still so many new territories of life for me and my wife to be (so soon!!!) @elise_renzen to explore.
Growing up, I always had a wild imagination. I was creative and driven. But as I journeyed through high school the fear of rejection from putting myself out there became stronger by the day. I think this happens to all of us as we start to lose our child-like spirit and ‘grow up’.
But today, at 25 years of age, I am proud to say that I have developed the courage within myself to put myself out there and unashamedly explore the new territories in front of me…
And this ability to be vulnerable, to take risks, to share my work and heart with the world, has been one of the primary factors for me being able to enjoy the adventure that I am now living.
Somehow, as an 18 year kid, who use to care too much about what people thought, I walked into my dreams of starting a surf brand and gave myself permission to just have a go. I started by just creating one surfboard in my backyard and putting my dorky Monsta Surfboards logo on it. I walked inside, proud as ever, took a photo, and uploaded it to my Monsta Surf Facebook page. It was out there. And it was scary. 

What would people think? A kid from the suburbs of Melbourne… starting a surf brand… 2 hours from the nearest surf? But somehow in the messy process of being brave enough to be vulnerable and put my dream out there into the world,  I reconnected with my desire to create things that inspire and spark the passion within me… And I also connected with a tribe of like-spirit individuals from across Australia who loved the #livepassionately message I was putting out there.

I wanted to keep evolving and keep taking risks.. I knew this was so much bigger than surfboards. I could feel it. I wanted to create a cool brand, connected to youth culture, making products that inspire the spirit of adventure. I couldn’t stop thinking about this dream. It filled me with passion! 

So I started putting myself out there more and more, sharing my vision with my small tribe of followers who were interested in the surfboards I was creating. “Monsta Surfboards will become your new favourite clothing brand next year!”  There was no going back. I began calling clothing manufacturers and people who had gone before me to then work out the ‘how’. I’m not sure if I got the order right - communicating what I was going to do before I knew how to do it - but it sure made me work to figure it all out. 

And now five years ago to this today, went live to the world, with a full range of clothing. I had to learn everything. From the graphic design to the materials and methods used. I became obsessed with learning and trying new things. And I did just that. Facing setback after setback, this adventure has taught me so much. And it’s with great pride and gratitude that I can look back today and smile at the journey behind me… And look forward with determination at the mountains ahead of me.

The past few years have been really tough for our brand. We’ve faced some massive obstacles which I can’t wait to share with you all soon. But the faith and resilience it’s infused into me has been worth everything - even if we weren’t able to overcome the obstacles.

So whether you’re new or familiar with our tribe - this is to say THANK YOU for being a part of this story. You’ve made the @monstasurf brand what it is today - spanning across 45+ countries worldwide, something I never would have imagined. 

If there is anything I have learned from reflecting back on those moments that led to me launching my business five years ago, it would be this:

You have so much to offer this world. Your wild ideas and imagination has way more value than you think. And most importantly, your voice matters, no matter your position in life. So speak with conviction and stand for something. Believe in it. And never wait for permission to step out and live a life that is authentic to who you really are.

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