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10 Reasons To Get Outside

Humans are drawn to nature.
We all feel better when we spend time outside. 
It seems we all have this inherent desire to draw closer to the heart of nature.
So if you're feeling a little flat, our Chief of Passion (& massive outdoors advocate), @camgreenwood, has 10 reasons WHY you need to get outside - accompanied by some of his fondest moments he has captured in the wild. 
1. #soulfood

Nature is sooooo good for the soul, my friend. 

2. #brothersun

That sweet feelin' of vitamin D soaking into your soul.

3. #smilemore

Nature just has a way of putting the sweetest smile on your dial!

4. #sparkthesoul 

Being outside has a way of sparking the life within you... 

5. #sleepbetter

Getting your daily dose of nature helps you sleep better at night.

6. #seemorebeauty

It's good for your eyes looking at some actual, real life beauty every once and a while. Give your eyes a break from those mind numbing screens that infiltrate our eyes and give them a dose of some of natures beauty.

7. #feelgoodvibes

Being outside improves your mental health. Feeling stressed? Turn off your phone and get outside. 

8. #beinspiredbycreation

Being outside can spark creativity and sharpen your mind. Be inspired by the world's best designer: creation!

9. #mindfulness

Hearing the rustle of trees, the songs of the birds and letting your eyes catch the detail of the leaves..  It's mindfulness meditation at its finest!

10. #livepassionately
Drawing closer to nature has the most beautiful way of renewing your spirit and igniting the passion within you.

Next time you see the sun shining, put your favourite tee on and get outside.