Dear Tribe,

Tomorrow, I get to marry the woman of my dreams!

It's been a crazy year to say the least... This was me, 12 months ago:

I was exploring the north by myself. Trying to figure my life out. Going on long hikes, sleeping in my tent amongst some wild terrain, washing myself in arctic waters, eating like a wild man. It sure was a trip I’ll forever look back on with nothing but gratefulness... but it does make me laugh a little.

My main purpose for being away for so long with my phone off was too “work things out”... “make a plan”... “figure things out”... and then come home and execute. I made my plans, I was going to come home, put my head down, focus relentlessly on building the brand and then think about other areas of life in maybe 3-4 years when I’m in my later 20’s. Some plan hey.. I remember telling some of my mates this when I came home last November...

And then two days later the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met @elise_renzen 😍😍😍 walked through the doors of our bachelor pad and the rest is history.

In my one year of knowing Elise, I've learnt that in life, it's great to make plans, it's great to passionately pursue them... but it's even greater to allow your soul to be open to the winds of change. And to allow your heart to follow its whisper. To engage with the wild unknown. Because you never know what could be around the corner... And in my case, it was my soul mate... And wow has it been an incredible adventure so far!

I'm so proud of Elise and her brave and courageous spirit. When we met, we both felt like we had been brought together for something greater than us. And we decided to pursue the passion within us, calling us to create something remarkable together. So last month, we stepped out in faith and made the decision for Elise to leave her role as a graphic designer at a pretty incredible brand and come on board with me at Monsta to help lead us into the future. And in that month, amongst all the wedding plans, Elise managed to create some amazing designs for our summer range.  [See here:]

We've had so many crazy moments that led to some decisions which we can't wait to share with you all next year... But for now, we just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the love and support, not just behind our brand, but also our lives personally. We've been so touched by all the messages we've received from the Monsta Tribe. 

We're SO EXCITED for our wedding tomorrow and we will be sure to share some photos on the @monstasurf instagram. 

And then we're off to Indo for our honeymoon (wooo!)... We're going to be living and working on the brand from Bali and Sri Lanka until 2019... so expect to see some cool stuff come from that time. We will be sure to keep in touch across our social platforms @monstasurf   @elise_renzen  @camgreenwood (after a few weeks of no phones - our favourite thing to do!).

Until then, keep living passionately, tribe!