Living Passionately: Just sell it with enthusiasm, baby

What #LIVEPASSIONATELY means to one of our tribe members, Glenn Symmons

Everyone has a roadmap to achieve their own personal positivity. Although each individuals map can change as their thoughts, opinions, choices and influences change, I’ve found that one thing allows for positive life progression: Living passionately.

Passionate living can mean any number of things. Individuals choose what is valuable to them and they seek out their ideal lifestyle based on it.

For me it’s pretty simple. It’s keeping a strong work-life balance and constantly making time for and working at living passionately.

This may not be a popular opinion, but I’ve found that passion is something that cannot be ‘willed’, nor is it something that just comes to you at the right time, when you need it most.

Passion, like most other things, needs time dedicated to it to be worked at.

Of course, everybody has a different experience of this and I’d love to hear yours. But actually working at living passionately and not just letting it (or not letting it, for that matter) fall into your lap, is what I’ve found time and time again, to make the perfect storm for a happy, passion-filled life.

When I think of my passions, such as, the environment, skateboarding, writing, talking shit with mates, travelling, submerging myself amongst the reefs, and the rest, I can’t help but think of a few quotes that I tend to live by.

The first, “Sell it with enthusiasm”.

The second, a quote from Vince Vaughn in Swingers, “It’s all about positivity, baby”.

I’ve found that these quotes ring true to me when I think of passion. I’ve found that being positive and enthusiastic are the biggest steps to living passionately, happily and contently. Whatever your passions are, regardless of your age, I feel that the messages in the quotes stay strong.

To live passionately, happily and contently, we need to understand that we live in the age of unlimited opportunities. The adage “you can be anything” has never rung more true.

Yet still, to get anywhere at anything, I feel as though I need to continually work at it. And a passion-filled life is no different. I’ve found that you need to be enthusiastic enough about your passion, that you make time to do it and enjoy it.

For me, pushing myself to have a positive outlook is key. Doing this gears me up for the day or even the coming week. However, adjacent to this, pushing myself to making the time to live passionately, is just as important.

If you have passions but no time, your passion can turn into a forgotten past-time… very quickly.

So do whatever you need to do to maintain your passion. Short of quitting your job, maybe you should take a random Friday off, or take that four-day workweek.

Maybe it’s time to give your mates a call on the average Wednesday. Or for you, it may just be heading down to the beach at 5am and get in the water. Because at the end of the day, you and me alike need to allow ourselves to live passionately and to spend the energy making it a reality.

Essentially, I’ve found that it comes down to what the individual wants out of life and making the time to do it… and do it enthusiastically and with a great attitude.

Personally, I love to skate and be out in the sun with my mates. This helps me to live a passionate life. Sometimes I may try to have a dive and a snorkel with my mates, or to go for a skate, head out on a road trip to see and do some cool stuff.

But overall, I try to maintain a positive disposition. And this works for me. This is how I maintain my passion and I think it’ll work for me moving forward.