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Moving Mountains

Words by our Founder / Chief of Passion @camgreenwood

About two years ago, our team came across what seemed like an immovable mountain. We’re almost set to tell you the full story really soon (next month!)… but for now, let me just say it made me feel like all my dreams for Monsta were finished.

Every part of me wanted to stay in that place of defeat. I was overwhelmed. Stressed. And so flippin’ burnt out. But I have an inner voice that encourages me through all the highs and lows. Beckoning me to “keep moving” up or through whatever mountain may be on my path.

And it’s funny what seems to happen when you live with purpose; you’ll find positives in even the darkest of storms. And that’s just what it did for me. This challenge inspired me to move through this mountain to show others they could do the same to whatever ‘mountain’ was in there way as well.

All of a sudden, I wasn’t the one being beaten by this storm. I was simply the one moving through it. Once I had this shift in perspective, my imagination and my vision for what was next began to expand. And then right then and there, I met @elisegreenwood. And as our love ran wild, so did our dreams. We had this deep belief that we had been brought together for something greater than us. We felt this call to a further journey (which we’re sooo pumped to share next month)… And we’ve spent the last year constantly taking steps of faith towards this journey.

So, as we gear up to launch all this exciting news that will dramatically transform and change the future of our brand, we just wanna say THANK YOU for sticking by us. It’s been a crazy journey and we can’t wait to share what’s next with you all.

And btw, if you’re reading this and you’re facing a mountain… maybe it’s there so you can show others it can be moved too.