My Personal Journey To Zorali

Words by our Founder / Chief of Passion, @camgreenwood

These past few years have not only transformed Monsta Surf, but it’s also transformed me. I’ve found that on this journey of pioneering, when we often think we’re travelling to an outward destination, we actually find that we’ve been travelling inward, to the centre of our own being.
This journey always starts with a call and the courage to step out into the unknown. This for me, was back in 2012 when I had the dream to start the @monstasurf brand, at just 18 years of age, with no real idea of what I was doing. For me, this call to adventure I could feel wasn’t really to solve any specific problem, but to just step out and beyond my present comfort zone.
So off I went, and as I began to share my dreams with the world, I actually started to find some traction, it was incredible! Throughout those early years, we grew pretty fast and as a result, I dropped out of uni to put my all into this dream.
Right when I thought I was well on my way, I found my real problem, a multination corporation who really didn’t like us using our “Monsta” name.
If I rolled over, I risked losing everything I’d built, but if I was to fight it, I was going to be dragged into a lengthy legal battle (which it has been) against a business that undoubtedly has way more resources and lawyers than my humble backyard start up.
It was a modern day David versus Goliath... 
It sucked. Like really really sucked. Why me? Why now? It didn’t matter… I only had one real choice (as we all do when facing a challenge), face it and find the purpose hidden beneath its appearance to give me the strength to keep moving through the storm. 
The great epiphany I had was that maybe this challenge was my secret key, something that would change me and my business dramatically. My world was opened up. My vision expanded, and so did my character.
I began to wonder if this first journey I embarked on with Monsta Surf was just the warm-up, the vehicle that would take my to where I was always destined to go. It was like I fell through what seemed like my whole life, landing next to my wife @elisegreenwood_ (thank God!) and discovering my real life.
This journey has given us an abundance of life. Which is why we’ve decided to share this overflow of life with the people as we rebrand to Zorali… Because a journey shared is so much richer. 
So if you’re keen to find out more and join our #visionbuilders team as we get ready to launch Zorali in July/August, follow the link here:

P.S. If I can encourage anyone who has read this far with one thought… If you’re facing something challenging, don’t confuse your situation with your actual life (like I did for a time). Your actual life is still flowing underneath the challenge… And I promise you there is a much deeper river of life waiting for you to discover it.