Vision Before Provision

The world we live in has positioned our culture to believe that provision comes before vision. It’s made us soft as a culture. We’re too comfortable being comfortable. We live with no-risk faith. We wait for guarantees. I wonder how many world changing ideas, dreams and visions haven’t seen the light of day because of this belief. If you wait for guarantees, the only thing that will be guaranteed is that you will miss endless opportunities to step into the adventure you were born to live. 

Let’s change the culture. Let’s all learn that part of the adventure is the moment where we need to step out. Where we put our vision on the line before we have the provision for it. 

I’ve come to learn that we don’t have control over many things. But we can control the way we choose to live. We can move in the direction of our vision. And we can learn to love the journey. So much so that even without the provision, the adventure would be enough. 

So what are you waiting for? Throw caution to the wind. Let go. Step into the adventure and explore the wild mysteries of your imagination. 

Exploring all things wild and mysterious on the super islolated and dramatic beaches of the Lofoten Islands in Norway a few months back. I want my life to be expressed with the same adventurous spirit this moment evoked.