Cam Greenwood



Cam Greenwood is inspiring people to live without limits, dream without fear and live passionately in every moment.

You’ll see this message lived and breathed through everything Cam does and creates. Ever since the Monsta Surf journey started with a drawing in 2012, Cam’s vision for the brand has been to use it as a platform to inspire people and give back.

Under Cam’s leadership, he has empowered a large family of ambassadors to own this vision and make it become a reality in their own worlds. He has also dreamed the Monsta Foundation into existence which has been utilised to fund life changing projects in Kenya and locally in Australia.

Seeing this movement become so much greater than himself with the passionate, loyal and engaged ‘Monsta Surf Tribe’ growing and thriving throughout the world has been truly amazing.

Along the journey, Cam’s had huge influence sharing his view of the world on many different forums, outlining the wisdom he’s become known for and encouraging people to live a life of passion and purpose.

Cam is regularly called upon as a spokesperson for young entrepreneurship, passionate living and
disrupting in the age of digital and social media. When he speaks, people listen and he is constantly creating inspiring content and sharing his heart and soul with the world. He has been mentioned in Smart Company and has received exclusive sponsorships into both the CEO Circle & Florence Guild, where diverse minds collaborate and create.

Ultimately, Cam is striving to positively influence and impact this world through what he says and the way he lives.

Follow the journey: camgreenwood.com / @camgreenwood