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The Monsta Foundation

Dedicated to removing the chains that hold people back from living a free & passionate life.

It all started in 2012 when Founder, Cam Greenwood, visited Kenya for the first time on a missions trip to Kenya. He was based at the Huruma Children’s Home for three weeks to live, play and work alongside some of the most vulnerable children in Kenya. The Huruma Children’s Home was founded in 1989, and takes care of children from ages 0 to 18 years old. Currently the home has over 250 children. The home offers real hope for these amazing kids through providing a warm homely environment and education.

The purpose of the trip was to help where possible and be a blessing to the home - however, Cam walked away with a completely different take on life on these beautiful children were the real blessing to him. The children captured his heart and showed him that life really is quite simple - we just complicate it.

To see these children that don't have the luxuries we enjoy here in the western world, find joy in the smallest of things and have such passion and enthusiasm for life was so contagious had an everlasting impact on him.

From then on the Monsta Foundation was established as a way to give back and offer practical support to projects locally and overseas.

The Foundation has been used to resource many initiatives including the Huruma Fish Farm projects, various developmental projects in Kenya & the Philippines, water filtration projects and disaster relief. 

Every project has a major focus on sustainability and empowerment of the community, ensuring that we transform our contribution into future benefit.