Wave Bandit

  • The funnest small wave board in the world!

    A small wave board that will make those disappointing surf days a whole lot of fun. It has a low entry rocker in order to maximise speed and projection. The tail features enough rocker and a hip to allow for high performance surfing in small surf without losing speed. The bottom features a slight vee to keep the board from catching and also provides amazing rail to rail capabilities. These elements bring you a board for the average surfer who wants to increase their wave count, make more sections and are looking for a board geared towards making surfing fun. To be ridden around 8 inches shorter than your regular shortboard.

  • Rail type: Full rails to keep the volume high in the short outline of the board.
    Wave height: Designed to have fun in the smallest of waves to up to 3 foot. 
    Fin type: Comes stock as a thruster. 5 fin set up are available in order to maximize performance in a variety of conditions.
    Rocker: Features a flat rocker in order to maintain speed and glide.
    Bottom: Light single concave moving into a deepening concave vee throughout the board.
  • Upload your custom design or an image of your desired spray for custom board sprays. Sprays are subject to viewing of your file but we can do most patterns, objects, blocks, lines etc. Email for enquiries.
  • Australian Shipping

    Standard Surfboards - $49.99 anywhere in Australia. Estimated delivery time for bulky orders after processing is 1-7 days (7-14 days for regional areas).

    Please note that this board is not stock and is custom made to suit your needs. Email for any enquiries. Order times will vary but usually takes 3-4 weeks

    International Shipping 

    At this stage, Surfboards cannot be shipped Internationally.

  • Ten percent of all proceeds goes towards the Monsta Foundation, supporting the development of the Huruma Children's Home. For more information click here.

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